Occupational/Workplace Physio

Occupational/Workplace Physio

Enhance Physiotherapy has a wide range of Occupational Physiotherapy services to help prevent and rehabilitate workplace injuries.

This includes onsite and in-clinic services, as we believe that a healthy and durable workforce lends itself to happier employees and employers. At Enhance Physiotherapy we work along side you and your employees to gain a thorough understanding of your workplace and its needs to best tailor preventative and rehabilitative services and procedures. There are many benefits to Occupational Physiotherapy, including:

Reduction in musculoskeletal injuries and subsequent compensation claims

Early intervention and prevention of injury through assessment and modification of worksite ergonomics

Increased employee morale

Open lines of communication between clinicians, patients and employers

Why is Occupational Physiotherapy important?

Within the New South Wales workforce in 2016-17, there were a total of 106,260 claims for injury, with nearly 40% of those caused by manual handling issues and stress on the body. Of those total claims, 57% were either traumatic joint, ligament, muscle or tendon injuries, or musculoskeletal and connective tissue injuries. On average, 5.3 weeks of productive time is lost per injury, which can have a significant impact on your bottom line. By implementing Occupational Physiotherapy and on-site services, areas of risk can be identified and adapted to prevent injury, as well as rapid diagnosis and treatment of workplace injuries should they arise (State Insurance Regulatory Authority, 2018).

What services can Enhance Physiotherapy provide?

Pre-employment Assessments

A pre-employment assessment is commonly used by organisations to screen prospective employees’ physical fitness and capacity as well as their ability to perform tasks appropriate to the workplace. Pre-employment assessments cover a broad range of general and specific tasks and movements, and when coupled with same day reporting, an Enhance Physiotherapy promise, provide you with crucial information about prospective staff and their suitability for your workplace.

Enhance Physiotherapy can custom design a pre-employment assessment to suit your workplace, or use a more specific one provided by your organization. Enhance Physiotherapy can also conduct physical and functional assessments in conjunction with medical assessments performed by a Doctor.

Manual Handling Training & Workplace Ergonomic Assessments

Manual handling is often a compulsory component of staff training that encompasses safe lifting and handling practices. It is important that training is not only completed annually for all staff but then repeated when new staff commence or when workstation or procedural changes occur. The team at Enhance Physiotherapy are experienced and highly trained in manual handling & workstation ergonomics and can provide on-site training and assessment services to your business.

Workplace On-Site Assessment

Analysis and assessment of your workplace by one of the highly trained Physiotherapists at Enhance Physiotherapy can help to identify areas of injury risk or hazards within the workplace. Following an assessment, structures, procedures or modifications can be implemented in partnership with employers to best protect and prevent the risk of injury or harm to employees.

We are also trained in Job Task Analysis (JTA), which can be used to fully assess the roles and demands of a particular job or employee to best fit new employees to roles, or to assist in assigning suitable duties to workers who may be injured.

Triage Services, Injury Management and Return-to-Work Coordination

Early identification and treatment of injuries, or potential injuries has been shown to reduce overall burden of injury within the workplace. Enhance Physiotherapy’s post-graduate trained Physiotherapists are experts at injury diagnosis, treatment and management, and provide comprehensive and evidence-based assessment and treatment. They also are highly experienced in return to work procedures and modification of duties to suit the injury, the employee and the employer. The team of Physiotherapists will work with you, your employees, insurers and case managers to ensure the best return to work outcome for all.