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Sports Physiotherapy

Your Sporting Experts

Nathan and Matt have experience working with sports people of all ages and skill levels. Ranging from the GWS Giants and Indigenous All-Stars to local football and soccer clubs at senior level and from AIS U17s Academy, GWS Academy, Boomerangs and Cricket NSW to local swimming clubs and gymnasts at junior level.

Nathan and Matt have worked with Army Recruits during their 12 week training program to become soldiers at Kapooka, making them your stress fracture and load management specialists.

All of our excellent physiotherapists are here to improve your performance and keep you on the field to achieve all of your sporting goals.

Strength Programs

Setting you up to succeed

All of our physiotherapists have the ability to fully assess you to determine your strengths and weaknesses and from there they will create a personalised program that caters to your specific needs, whether that be to progress your return to work/sport following an injury, or to improve your well-being and get the most out of your body.

Their work with elite sporting teams and within the military setting means they have extensive experience in the latest cutting edge training methods and are your experts in load management.

Running Assessments

Your Running Experts

All of our Physiotherapists are highly skilled in performing running assessments but Nathan is our expert.

Running is a complex and dynamic activity that places significant stress on the body, sometimes we don’t even realise just how much.

A running assessment is a specialised service that will identify your weakness’ and implement personalised training programs.

Why might I benefit from a running assessment?

Efficiency – analyse your method of propulsion and train your body to move in the most effective way
Injury prevention – identify any loading issues in your stride that may lead to pain and injury
Performance – improve strength and technique in order to enhance your time and distant output

Nath’s experience both working with, and participating at, elite level athletics gives him the knowledge on how to work with you and to improve your performance.

Dry Needling

All of our physiotherapists are trained in dry needling and we offer this in conjunction with our regular physiotherapy service. 

Dry needling involves the gentle insertion of filament needles into a myofascial trigger point in other words – the painful or knotted part of a muscle.

The aim of dry needling is to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with these trigger points by promoting muscle relaxation, regeneration of tissues, and restoring any wider imbalances caused by tight or constricted muscular tissue.

Dry needling is often involved in addition to other techniques such as massage, manual therapy or an exercise program.

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